It’s that time of year again…cold days, even colder nights and that dry, flaky winter skin! But what if I told you that your skin isn’t dry, it’s just dehydrated? I know it sounds like dry skin and dehydrated skin are basically the same thing, but they are so different. Let me break it down for you.

Dry skin is a skin type, that means your skin is always dry, no matter what time of year it is. Having a dry skin type also means that other areas of your body are also dry, like your arms and legs.

Dehydrated skin on the other hand is totally preventable. It can happen for all sorts of reasons, maybe you just started a new medication, or you don’t drink enough water throughout the day.

Whatever the case may be, I’m here to help! In the winter time the air becomes dry and cold, which means the moisture from your skin will evaporate much more quickly than it would during a hot and humid summer.

So, let’s talk about what kind of changes you should make in your skin care routine to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Exfoliating is key to eliminating all those dry, dead skin cells just sitting on the surface of your skin. I’m not saying you need to go crazy with exfoliating, but at least twice a week to get rid of those surface cells and allow your skin to properly absorb your moisturizer.

And speaking of moisturizer, you may want something that’s a little richer than your normal moisturizer. I always swap out my lightweight moisturizer for something a little heavier and richer for this time of year. And my skin thanks me every year!

If you’re not willing to switch up your moisturizer or you can’t justify purchasing a separate moisturizer for a few months of the year, then perhaps a concentrated booster would do the trick.

What is a booster you may ask? A booster is a targeted serum that can be used alone or in conjunction with another product to help your skin look and feel its best. Dermalogica’s skin hydrating booster is a hyaluronic acid serum that gives you a boost of hydration wherever you need it.

If you’re looking to treat yourself a little more, you can always pick up a hydrating mask. Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Masque is a cooling gel mask with a hyaluronic acid base that feels amazing on your skin! It’s perfect for your whole face or you can use it just on the spots that need it most.

And my last secret weapon to beating the winter skin blues is hydration spray. You can use it all throughout the day, before your moisturizer, after you apply your makeup, and even on your lunch break just because your skin is feeling a little blah! Don’t worry, your makeup won’t be ruined if you decide to spritz after the fact. Typically, hydration spray will help to set your makeup and keep it looking fresh. I love the fresh, light scents that Jane Iredale comes out with every year. We have different hydration sprays for different needs, so no matter what your skin needs and wants are, we can help!

Come in and chat with any one of our technicians and they can hook you up with all the right products to keep your skin looking and feeling amazing!