So often people say to me they don’t want to get a massage because they are uncomfortable with their body. They’re over weight. They didn’t shave their legs. They have stretch marks. They have scars.
After all this time, after 11 years massaging-both as a student and as a licensed professional 11 years and I couldn’t even guess how many bodies I’ve touched, this is my response. My honest to goodness thoughts and feelings about it.
We all do it. Get self conscious. Think we aren’t good enough. Pretty enough. Skinny enough. Tan enough. We don’t make enough money. Or fit in with the right people. But the truth is, you’re wrong. Today. Today you are exactly who you should be. You came from yesterday. You grew. You changed. You learned. It made you, today. And tomorrow, well tomorrow is still tomorrow-you’ll have grown from today-but it’s still tomorrow.  You are a soul. You are a beautiful soul, with a body. You are not a body. You’re not a 33″ waist. Or a B cup. Or 200 lbs. You’re not blue eyes, or blonde hair. You’re a soul. Growing and changing. Loving and reaching out. Communing with God and all the Heavenlies. Communing with me. Our souls, they love. They trust. They care. They are compassionate. They are beautiful. They are amazing. Your soul and mine.
Your soul is not scared or ashamed or shy. Your physical body is that. Our minds, they tell us that. They feed our doubt.
But your soul is fierce and brave. Your soul is YOU!
When you are on my table…it is my honor, my privilege…to heal the body-vessel-temple-that holds YOU! You amazing soul. Your scars tell your story. Your stretch marks tell your story, the story of the places you’ve been. The trials, the hurt, the pain-the places this life has taken you, you beautiful soul….and guess what? You survived. You win. And you’re beautiful, because you’re you.
Thank you, for the privilege. The privilege and honor of helping your physical body carry out your souls’ commission.

Be well-