Body waxing is a great alternative to shaving and has some great long term benefits. Early spring is great time to get started with your waxing regimen, because you’re not wearing shorts or skirts without tights.

Many people think that hair will come back in thicker than it was originally, which is false. Over time with consistent waxing, your hair will become finer and eventually will stop growing, but that takes years of dedication.

We use different types of waxes for different types of skin so it’s super important to be honest with your technician. It’s best to start with an eighth to a quarter inch of hair for optimal results, and if you’re nervous or skeptical about doing a big area, ask about doing half instead, it’ll be easier for you to work your way in to it.

After care for your waxing service is important to prevent ingrown hairs which can be painful! Exfoliation and hydration are crucial to prevent ingrown hairs and make your next waxing experience easier and faster.

You should also think about where you are in your menstrual cycle before booking a wax. You’re more sensitive the week before and during your period.


Stop in today and get started with your waxing routine for smooth skin all spring and summer long!