Touching our faces is something we do unconsciously, without even knowing we’re doing it. Scratching an itch, picking spots (zits) and scars or simply just a nervous reaction. You may even be doing it right now… “caught ya!” So, what’s so wrong with touching your face? A lot of things actually. Check this out:

1. Germs… ick…

Our fingers are in contact with keyboards, money, cell phones, doorknobs and public shopping carts constantly; all of which are usually coated in bacteria. By then touching our face before we’ve cleansed these germs off our hands, we could be spreading viruses and allergens around our own skin.

2. Acne and other skin conditions can occur.

By touching your face you can spread P-bacteria, the bacteria that grows inside your pores, clogging them to result in eruptions (zits). Face touching can also worsen dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

3. Eye bags… yikes…

Being “heavy handed” with your eye area (rubbing your eyes) can decrease the elasticity of the skin in this fragile area, causing broken blood vessels. It’s the thinnest area of skin on your face and the capillaries under this skin are more prone to breakage and leakage, which show up as purple bags. (And you don’t want to take them on a shopping trip!!)

4. Makeup smudges…

It may sound obvious but if your makeup doesn’t last all day, this could be why. You can use top brand primers and makeup setting sprays, but if your hands keep migrating to your face nothing will keep your makeup where it belongs.

The moral… keep those hands off your beautiful face!!